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Countryman Unveils New Type 10 Active Direct (DI) Box Featuring Advanced Design

Outfitted with an analog circuit that tunes itself to deliver low distortion, low noise, and high accuracy

By PSW Staff January 30, 2010

The new Countryman Type 10 Direct Box (larger image below)

The new Countryman Type 10 direct (DI) box combines the exceptional ruggedness and versatility of the company’s Type 85 with an advanced design.

The Type 10 is outfitted with an analog circuit that tunes itself to deliver sound with the lowest distortion, lowest noise, and highest accuracy of any direct box.

Some boxes achieve low distortion over a narrow range of frequencies and levels, but end up coloring the low frequencies and distorting loud signals. The Type 10 maintains exceptionally low THD and IMD across the entire audio band, and for a wide range of input voltages, rendering sound with extremely high fidelity.

Like the Type 85, the Type 10 is armored inside and out, with a molded core wrapped in an extra thick architectural aluminum housing. The switches and connectors are fully recessed. The electronics are just as tough—both the Type 10 and the Type 85 shrug off static spikes and will survive with the input connected directly to 110-volt or 220-volt line voltage.

The Type 10 has rock solid isolation and is designed to drive any board across hundreds of feet of cable, with or without phantom power.

It can handle sizzling hot outputs from active keyboards using the -15 dB pad with virtually immeasurable distortion. The edge of a coin can be used to access the battery. Check the battery voltage and monitor the quality of the phantom power with the flip of a switch.


Countryman Website


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