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Agape Spiritual Center Adopts VENUE as a Complete Solution for Its Audio Needs

Because a variety of engineers and volunteers would be using the console to mix both FOH and monitors, the Agape Spiritual Center decided on VENUE for its ease of use.

By PSW Staff March 17, 2008

DALY CITY, Calif., (March 2008) – Since opening its doors in 1986, the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, Calif., has become a trans-denominational movement with global acceptance. Through weekly services (led by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith), classes, ministries, and other outreach programs, this progressive center has evolved into a community of 9,000 local members with over a million friends worldwide. Agape selected Digidesign® VENUE as a complete audio solution —using it for both FOH (front of house) and monitor mixing, as well as recording needs.

Because a variety of engineers and volunteers with varying skill sets would be using the console to mix both FOH and monitors, the center decided on VENUE primarily for its ease of use and Personal Q™ (PQ) monitoring system option.

With the help of Joe Hesse at Musician Sound & Support Services in Los Angeles, Calif., Ted Blaisdell, Agape’s lead audio engineer designed a VENUE system with personal monitoring features that would allow both artists and engineers to work in tandem to achieve optimal monitor mixes, using a blend of signal sources that could include auxiliary busses, groups, and individual channel inputs.

“We have a semi-isolated band area with six musicians inside,” explained Blaisdell. “They all have their own mix that they have control over with their own PQ Controller. [D-Show software] allows me to customize their input choices and levels on a per-scene basis.” According to Blaisdell, the overall versatility of the TDM plug-ins made it possible for him to both streamline the center’s outboard audio hardware requirements and gain a much broader selection of processing options.

“With just a little training, I can get a volunteer up to speed, and all they have to do is load the setup, plug in the mics, turn on the amps, and go.

Blaisdell also records every Agape event using a Pro Tools LE® system, with VENUE configured to send a stereo mix, plus audio from a pair of audience mics, straight into Pro Tools for recording. Afterward, he edits and mixes the services and burns them to CDs, which are sent to subscribers and sold at the church bookstore.

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