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Adamson Launches Load Library V4 Software

Designed to enhance the user experience and elevate the sonic performance of Adamson products in the field.

By PSW Staff March 17, 2017

Adamson Systems Engineering has announced the release of Load Library V4, designed to enhance the user experience and elevate the sonic performance of Adamson products in the field.

In V4, all Adamson loudspeakers are now presented as a single module in Lake Controller, simplifying the output routing process and minimizing the time it takes to complete group assignments. It also presents a cleaner and more streamlined workflow, especially with all loudspeakers utilizing linear phase crossovers, as only half of the total modules are present on the workspace.

This enhanced version is the result of Adamson’s R&D team designing custom FIR filters for the E15, E12, and S10 loudspeakers, which has ultimately produced a more tailored response, especially in the crossover region. It translates to a more even frequency response, as well as an even higher level of uniformity across the horizontal plane.

“At Adamson, we’re very proud of our R&D team and the constant stream of innovations they’ve helped us introduce to the market,” comments Brian Fraser, product manager and senior applications engineer, Adamson Systems Engineering. “But we’re not only committed to continually delivering state-of-the-art, high-performance audio products; we also want to ensure that our current solutions are performing at the highest possible level for our partners and end users around the world, and that’s exactly what this latest version of Load Library does for our users.”

Another feature new to V4 is an improved limiting structure. The refinement of the peak limitation capabilities of the Lab.gruppen PLM, PLM +, and D Series amplifiers has allowed for both increased headroom and a cleaner transient response when paired with Adamson loudspeakers.

Finally, Array Shaping is now available as a recallable Overlay. This streamlines the Array Shaping procedure, eliminating the need to recall Sub-System files containing pre-made groups and allowing the user to take advantage of all 28 available groups in Lake Controller while cutting down on the amount of DSP used in the workspace.

Adamson’s Load Library V4 is now available from the Adamson website, and the individual module files will be available shortly in the accompanying installation Load Library file when installing Lake Controller 6.5.1.

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