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Tectonic Audio Labs Releases Technical Video Series

Each 5-minute video module covers details an aspect of company's DML technology

By PSW Staff March 20, 2015

A title page for one of the chapters in the Tectonic Audio Labs 21-part video series.

Tectonic Audio Labs has produced a 21-part technical video series explaining the function, performance and application of Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology in its loudspeakers, which employ large format flat panel DML resonant mode devices to propagate audio.

“DMLs produce audio in a fundamentally different way than a typical loudspeaker does,” explains Tim Whitwell, physicist and DML expert. “This technology can seem quite counterintuitive to those not familiar with resonant mode devices.”

The Tectonic technical video series condenses more than three hours of conversations between Whitwell and transducer and loudspeaker systems engineer Marcelo Vercelli. Together they explore and explain DML technology, with each 5-minute video module covers a single topic in detail.

Titles include:
—How DMLs Work: Parts 1-4
—DMLs vs. Pistonic Transducers
—DML Feedback Resistance
—DMLs In Reverberant Spaces
—DML Stereo Imaging

“We set-up a video library on our web site that allows visitors to easily browse and sample topics of interest,” says Scott Garside, marketing director. “There is a wealth of information here that provides a fundamental understanding of resonant mode audio propagation. The function and benefits of DMLs are quite remarkable.”

The Tectonic technical video library is available here.

Here’s the first video in the series:

Tectonic Audio Labs


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