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SynAudCon Presenting Sound System Design Seminar In Miami This April (Video)

Pat Brown delivers a logical, intuitive, and comprehensive approach to the essentials of design

By PSW Staff March 16, 2017

Instructor Pat Brown leading a SynAudCon Sound System Design seminar.

SynAudCon is presenting its Sound System Design in-person seminar this April (3-5) in Miami, designed to provide enhanced understanding of room acoustics, loudspeaker characteristics and how they act in enclosed spaces, and much more.

The three-day seminar, led by Pat Brown, delivers a logical, intuitive, and comprehensive approach to sound system design that begins with analysis of a room’s acoustics. From there attendees learn how to select and place loudspeakers to achieve speech intelligibility and music clarity.

In addition, Brown covers electronics – sensitivity, power handling and power amplifier ratings – which helps students learn how to get the most SPL from a loudspeaker as well as what size amplifier to use. And, he shows how computer room modeling can be used to speed up the design process.

Demonstrations and analogies enhance the learning process in a practical, visual, and understandable way.

The seminar is approved for 24 InfoComm Renewal Units. Cost to attend is $995, which includes a one-year SynAudCon membership.

The seminar will be held at D.A.S. Audio of America, located about five miles from Miami International Airport.

Click here for much more information and to register to attend.




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