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Setting The Pace: The Present & Future Directions Of Adamson Systems Engineering

Behind the scenes with a manufacturing powerhouse quietly producing professional audio products in Canada.

By Kevin Young January 8, 2019

Adamson S10 line array cabinets moving along to final production.

Building Blocks

Wherever the future leads technologically, geographically Adamson wants to achieve deeper penetration in the Americas while continuing to target overseas markets that currently account for approximately 62 percent of its exports. Bertrand – who, as the former CEO of TC Group Americas, created and led a distribution network for European brands targeting North America – is uniquely qualified for that effort.

During his time at TC, and in the year prior to joining Adamson, he consulted and worked closely with the company, ultimately helping create a program aimed at accelerating their growth.

His first exposure to Adamson, however, was 30 years ago as a musician gigging not far from Port Perry. He explains: “I remember the sound company showing up with these little boxes and saying, ‘Are you nuts?’” But after taking a listen at front of house, however, “’I said never mind – all good.’ So for most of my career I’ve been familiar with Adamson and the people here.”

Adamson CEO Marc Bertrand.

The integration market, Bertrand adds, will be a big part of their strategy going forward, but the company’s roadmap will take in networking and software initiatives for touring as well as integration.

“The roadmap will highlight interoperability while maintaining an open approach to network control in the product range,” he says. “I approach this similarly to TC; build a sustainable model and a team able to adapt to market conditions, expose the product to the right people, create the right partner network and build on the work that’s already been done.”

Bertrand has always been intrigued by the company’s insistence on doing everything possible themselves. It allows them to focus on maximizing the systems down to the component level, he adds, “so that the products are sonically superior and have the smallest footprint possible, which you can’t do unless you have full control the development and manufacturing environment.”

This latest expansion isn’t a stopping point, Oliver concludes. “We have 38 acres of industrial land, which allows us limitless expansion. And as the infrastructure is added, the growth of this company can continue at the high pace we’ve established.”

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