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RCF Extends Low-Frequency Offerings For TT+ Theater & Touring Series

With onboard Class-D amplifiers, the new TTS15-A 15-inch subwoofer offers 134 dB SPL maximum output, and TTS18-A MK2 18-inch sub achieves 136 dB max SPL.

By PSW Staff February 22, 2018

The new TTS15-A and TTS18-A MK2 subwoofers from RCF

RCF has expanded its TT+ Series touring and theater line with the new TTS15-A single 15-inch and TTS18-A MK2 single 18-inch models.

The two new models join the existing TT+ subwoofers including the TTS26-A dual 15-inch subwoofer, TTS36-A dual 18-inch subwoofer, and TTS56-A dual 21-inch subwoofer.

The TTS15-A is a long asked for addition. The 15-inch woofer is powered by an onboard 1100-watt RMS Class-D amplifier with a frequency response from 40-400 Hz and 134 dB SPL maximum output.

The TTS18-A MK2 is an upgrade to the original TTS18-A with new amplifier and transducer technology. This enabled RCF to increase the power by 40% to 1400-watts with frequency response down to 35Hz and ability to achieve 136 dB max SPL. The transducer is an 18-inch hypervented woofer with a 4-inch voice coil.

The RCF design features lightweight neodymium magnet, inside-outside cooper voice coil and dual-forced hyperventing system for heat dissipation, dual silicone spider which provides strength and stability under large excursion conditions for tight response and water treated cone for weather and high humidity environment protection

RCF’s propriety RDNet onboard allows for integration in total system design as well as the abiity to remote monitor all components in the cabinet with DSP to incorporate into system audio control functionality.

The design of the subwoofer cabinets allows them to be positioned vertically or horizontally, with M20 pole receptacles on both top and side. The cabinets are heavy duty multi-ply birch with weatherproof finish. For transport, RCF offers an optional detachable front wheelboard with 100mm casters.


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