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PSW Webinar Available For Viewing: Key Elements Of Column Loudspeaker System Design

Addresses key questions and presents techniques and strategies

By PSW Staff October 23, 2014

The Community Professional and ProSoundWeb webinar entitled “Key Elements Of Successful Column Loudspeaker System Design” is now available for viewing.

Go here to view the webinar. Note that those who pre-registered for the live event will be able to go directly to the webinar; those that did not will need to register.

The webinar is presented by John Loufik, senior applications engineer at Community Professional. He details the development of micro-sized high power loudspeaker transducers and modern material sciences that has enabled column loudspeaker designers to provide exceptionally coherent line source behavior in very compact packages.

Loufik also looks at the simple yet powerful software packages allow the designer in the field to harness these products to address real-world sound reinforcement needs while the attractive yet unobtrusive styling of these loudspeakers pleases architects and interior designers.

A primary focus is on design techniques and strategies to ensure a successful outcome, addressing key questions often faced in venues with respect to column loudspeakers design, including answers to these key questions:

Given the highly focused projection patterns of modern line sources, how do we ensure that the audience benefits from a uniform sound experience?

What steps can be taken to be sure that intelligibility is maximized?

To what degree can these types of loudspeaker systems be employed for amplified music presentations?

Since column loudspeakers typically demonstrate wide horizontal coverage patterns, how do we make sure they are constructive for the audience and not destructive in terms of feedback stability?

System Design Elements Addressed:
—Aiming, Trim Height, and Positioning
—Side-Wall Reflections: Friend or Foe?
—Thrust Platforms
—Left/Right Loudspeaker Positions in a Center Focused Architecture
—Array Size, Type, and Configuration
—SPL, Bandwidth, Dynamic Range
—Equalization and Commissioning Tips

—Houses of Worship
—Multipurpose Rooms
—Conference Rooms
—Large Group Instruction
—Lecture Halls
—Sporting Facilities
—Transit Stations
—Retail Spaces
—Live Entertainment Venues
—Pools & Leisure Spaces
—Industrial & Warehousing

Again, go here to view the webinar.

Community Professional


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