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Primacoustic Introduces Broadband Acoustic Panel

Extra-large 48x48-inch sound absorbing wall panel designed for installation in larger rooms and commercial facilities.

By PSW Staff June 12, 2019

Primacoustic Broadband 48x48-inch acoustic panel

Primacoustic introduces the Broadband 48×48-inch acoustic panel, an extra-large sound absorbing wall panel for installation in larger rooms and commercial facilities.

Constructed from high-density 6lb per cubic foot glass wool, Broadband panels provide acoustic absorption across a wide frequency range, which helps alleviate issues such as excessive reverberation and noise which can be prevalent in large spaces.

The Broadband 48×48 panel allows users to provide adequate coverage in spaces such as gymnasiums, houses of worship, and theatres, while using fewer panels overall. This cuts down on the cost and time required for installation, and also uses less mounting hardware for the same square footage of absorption.

Each Broadband panel is fully encapsulated in a micromesh coating, and the edges are resin-hardened to retain their shape. Broadband 48×48 panels are covered in an acoustically transparent fabric with three color options, and they are also available with a white latex finish which allows you to paint or print directly on the panel and apply custom colors or designs to suit any décor. Fully tested to meet stringent Class-A fire safety requirements, the Broadband 48×48 panels are safe for use in any facility.


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