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Powersoft Reaches Milestone Of 600 Million Watts Of Audio Power

"600millionresons" campaign continues through August

By PSW Staff August 5, 2013

Powersoft K20 and K10 power amplifiers with switch mode technology

Powersoft has announced that it has reached the milestone of delivering 600 million watts of audio power around the world.

Reaching the notable figure has been 15 years in the making, in which time the company has strived to supply very high quality, efficient power amplifiers.

“We recently had a count and realized that we were getting close to the 600 million watts mark,” explains Luca Giorgi, Powersoft audio BU director. “We were still missing about 3 million watts, and it became our goal to achieve this target before the end of August (2013).”

Powersoft marketing and communication manager Francesco Fanicchi adds, “To help reach this landmark figure, we needed to come up with an effective promotion, so we created the ‘600millionreason’ campaign. Announcing the promotion through all of our communication channels, we invited visitors to register on a dedicated website and to join our cause.”

The 600millionreasons campaign has proven to be a success, with the company reaching its goal after just three weeks, selling several hundred K10 and K20 amplifiers in a matter of days.

While the idea of 600 million watts can conjure up images of consumption, the company notes that what needs to be evaluated is the other side of the coin: how much energy has been saved?

If done well, switching mode technology for power amplification is intrinsically efficient, and a hallmark of the Powersoft design approach has always paid a great deal attention to maximizing these characteristics and designing products that minimize energy consumption. 

“If we compare our top level touring amplifiers with those of our competitors using more traditional technology,” notes Giorgi, “the benefits quickly add up.”

For example, a comparison of two systems running 600 megawatts of audio power, at full power, for one hour. The first system incorporates Powersoft PWM switch mode amplifiers, while the second utilizes traditional linear amplifiers.

With 85- to 90-percent efficiency, the power required to run the Powersoft amps produces somewhere in the region of 24 tonnes (or megagrams) of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions less than the linear amps, meaning that on average the Powersoft amps can save about half kilograms per hour of CO2 (1/4 of full output power at 4 ohms).

The company also notes that even though the original target has been reached, the 600millionreasons campaign will continue as planned until the end of August. For more information, go to



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