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Martin Audio Presenting New Product Line Up At Prolight + Sound

Wavefront Precision line arrays and subs, iKON multi-channel amplifiers, XE and LE Series stage monitors make their debut in Frankfurt.

By PSW Staff April 4, 2017

Martin Audio's new products for Prolight + Sound 2017

At Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, Martin Audio is unveiling an ambitious line up of ten new products across multiple categories including line arrays, stage monitors and amplifiers.

First up was the Wavefront Precision Series, a new generation of multipurpose line arrays designed to bring Martin Audio’s signature sound, coverage consistency and control to a broader range of touring applications, installations and budgets.

Comprising the WPC (2 x 10-inch LF) and WPM (2 x 6.5-inch LF), Wavefront Precision line arrays are designed as complete systems with the newly announced external iKON multi-channel amplifiers optimized by Martin Audio’s automated DISPLAY software.

Adopting the principle of scalable resolution, with external, dedicated multi-channel amplifiers, Wavefront Precision line arrays are designed to be uniquely flexible, upgradeable, and financially accessible.

Dom Harter, managing director, explains further: “Martin Audio’s MLA Series remains the definitive optimized array technology in the market place today, offering customers both the hard avoid feature (the ability to limit coverage in a zone by as much as 30dB) and the patented ability to optimize against multiple target functions — such as frequency response, SPL gradient and leakage, which no other competitive product can.

“But the MLA family consists of fixed resolution systems, and what we wanted to do with Wavefront Precision was to introduce a solution whereby customers could have a flexible and scalable approach to resolution and control of coverage.

“Simply put, the more boxes with dedicated amplifier channels, the higher the resolution and scale of coverage control achievable. This means even at the lowest level of resolution, the results are still fundamentally better than traditional line arrays at no extra cost, and at the top end of resolution users can enjoy many of the benefits MLA systems provide.”

To accompany the new Wavefront Precision, two new subwoofers, the SX118 and SX218, a single 18-inch and double 18-inch respectively, were also unveiled.

Next in the roster of new products was the XE Series, bringing engineering innovation to stage monitoring. Developed in consultation with leading monitor engineers and combining low-profile enclosures with unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology and a patent pending third static waveguide, the XE300 (1 x 12-inch LF) and XE500 (1 x 15-inch LF) are designed to deliver defined coverage patterns while reducing overlap with adjacent monitors.

The XE series is designed as a complete system and is partnered with the new iKON 4-channel amplifier, maximizing the capability of the monitor while ensuring both engineer and artist can be confident they will experience the same high level of consistent performance from an XE monitor anywhere in the world.

Jason Baird, R&D director, comments, “The world of stage monitoring has been stagnating for far too long with much of today’s monitor technology based on decades old solutions. XE changes the game with the introduction of high performance Coaxial Differential Dispersion drivers with an additional contour-molded static third waveguide that increases the size of the HF horn mouth to maintain pattern control over a wide frequency band and avoid spill outside the coverage area. Its rolled contour reduces diffraction and further improves pattern consistency at the lower end of the HF passband.

“Because you can go right up and over the monitor as well as further back without significant changes, the flexibility for an artist and engineer is greatly improved. This, coupled with the fact that the XE500 has a staggering 143dB capability makes it the definitive article in premier monitoring.”

Finally, the last series to be unveiled was a brand new LE range of stage monitors.

Complementing Martin Audio’s XE Series monitors, the latest LE Series now brings engineering innovation to everyday stage monitoring.

Both the LE100 (1 x 12-inch LF) and the LE200 (1 x 15-inch LF) are designed for a wide range of users and applications—from up-and-coming bands and regional rental houses, to corporate AV events, HoW and fixed installations.

With compact enclosures and the same Coaxial Differential Dispersion drivers as the CDD-LIVE range, the LE Series monitors deliver cut-through sound with a coverage pattern that allows performers greater freedom of movement compared to conventional monitors.

Instead of the typical ‘hot-spot’, they produce a near-rectangular coverage pattern over a listening plane at head height—with a wide horizontal coverage close to the monitor that reduces gradually as distance increases to maintain consistent SPL and tonal balance.

James King, marketing director, comments, “Professional and affordable, the latest LE Series puts great sound, optimized coverage and the very latest in innovative monitor technology literally at your feet.”

Summing up all the launches, Dom Harter says, “This is a bold new line up of product offering customers innovation and value throughout. We are happy to be a brand that continues to over-perform in bringing market leading solutions.”

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