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Mackie’s Redesigned And Expanded ProFX Series Now Shipping

Sonically-enhanced ProFXv2 series includes all-new Vita preamps and ReadyFX effects engine.

By PSW Staff June 9, 2015

Mackie's ProFXv2 series professional effects mixers.

Mackie announces the immediate availability of ProFXv2 series professional effects mixers.

The redesigned ProFXv2 series features an all-new preamp design and effects engine, for live sound applications.

The series has been expanded with two new models, the 4-channel ProFX4v2 and the 30-channel ProFX30v2, opening up the ProFX toolkit to a wider range of applications.

“Musicians and professional engineers have come to rely on Mackie ProFX mixers to deliver the complete feature set and unwavering performance they need for their live sound applications,” remarks Matt Redmon, Mackie sr. product manager.

“With ProFXv2, we’ve not only expanded the lineup, we’ve invested heavily in elevating the sonic performance of the series. ProFXv2 mixers sound amazing and, as always, are available at an extremely attainable price.”

Mackie has designed the all-new Vita preamp specifically for the highly-dynamic world of live sound. Vita preamps are virtually noiseless, even at high gain levels. The Vita design features a Class-A front end, dual feedback stabilization and bias current optimization for low-noise performance.

“Recalling how good the mic preamps in v1 sounded to my ears, I was truly impressed upon auditioning the new Vita preamp in ProFXv2,” offers Strother Bullins in his review of the ProFX30v2 (PAR, April 2015). “Wide open with a variety of sound sources and microphones, the only hiss I heard was from the powered monitors I was using. I found the ProFXv2 to be super clean with an impressively professional-grade sound.”

Also contributing ProFXv2’s sonic performance is the all-new ReadyFX effects engine. This new engine employs floating-point DSP with more horsepower and all-new algorithms. Each ProFXv2 mixer features a choice of 16 reverbs, choruses and delays for a wide array of sonic applications.

“We are excited to deliver these premium new effects to the popular ProFX platform,” Redmon commented. “The reverbs feature realistic room emulation, the delays are densely textured, the choruses add a rich shimmer and ambience to any source…they are simply the best effects Mackie has ever put into an analog mixer.”

ProFXv2 delivers a live mixing toolkit that eliminates the need for expensive rackmount gear. It’s ideal for situations where purchasing extra gear is cost-prohibitive and the result is a simple setup that can easily be run by novices, but offers all the right tools for in-house engineers. Each ProFXv2 mixer features multi-band GEQ, critical for tuning mains to get the best possible sound in any venue. Onboard GEQs are also great for eliminating nasty feedback from stage monitors. Each model features a flexible mix of I/O and, with six models available, covering applications ranging from 4 to 30 inputs, there is always a ProFXv2 mixer right-sized for your application.

ProFXv2 mixers also feature built-in USB recording and playback. Users can record the live mix for distribution to the audience, be it a band’s fan base or a House-of-Worship congregation. It’s also perfect for music playback in any live sound situation. Just connect the ProFXv2 mixer to a Mac or PC and stream music directly to the house during performance breaks. It’s ideal for band rehearsal also, as musicians can capture their ideas and improve their live performances.

“It’s a super choice for budget-conscious churches and smaller music venues who aren’t interested in jumping in the digital pool yet, but want the latest advances in whistle-clean mixer technology,” observes PAR’s review.

The ProFXv2 Series features a wide range of models, each with their own complement of I/O and features to suit nearly any live sound application. There are three compact models – ProFX4v2, ProFX8v2 and ProFX12v2. These utility workhorses deliver professional live sound features in compact designs perfect for smaller applications. The ProFX16v2, ProFX22v2 and ProFX30v2 not only offer the higher-channel count needed for bands, Houses-of-Worship and more, they include additional features for professional applications. They each feature 4-bus architecture for additional mix management and dedicated inline channel compression on select channels that add life and punch to guitars or bass and increase the presence of any voice.

The ProFXv2 series expands on the models available in the line with the new ProFX4v2 and ProFX30v2. The ProFX4v2 is the most feature-rich ultra-compact mixer on the market. No other mixer of this size and price features the comprehensive toolkit that ProFX4v2 provides. It’s ideal for cafès and other small performance venues. It’s also perfect for vocal-only reinforcement in band rehearsal spaces. The ProFX30v2 extends the line into truly professional applications. It’s ideal for live sound venues looking for a higher-channel count solution without needing excess outboard gear. Bands that bring their own PA to the venue will also appreciate the flexibility and power of the ProFX30v2.

PAR’s review concludes, “… the ProFX30v2 was useful everywhere I would choose an analog mixer, with plentiful I/O and solid effects. It shines as a premium small club mixer, impressed both others and myself as a recording/tracking mixing console, and was intuitive to nearly everyone who put their hands on it.”

Mackie ProFXv2 series mixers are now shipping worldwide.
The series includes six models to cover a wide range of applications.
The ProFX4v2 has a U.S. MSRP of $169.99.
The ProFX8v2 has a U.S. MSRP of $299.99.
The ProFX12v2 has a U.S. MSRP of $359.99.
The ProFX16v2 has a U.S. MSRP of $629.99.
The ProFX22v2 has a U.S. MSRP of $809.99.
The ProFX30v2 has a U.S. MSRP of $1149.99.



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