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Lambda Labs Introduces The Versatile New CX-2A Active Loudspeaker

The CX-2A completes the CX series of active floor monitors from the Austrian manufacturer.

By PSW Staff May 20, 2015

The new CX-2A active loudspeaker from Lambda Labs.

Lambda Labs, loudspeaker manufacturer based in Austria, introduces their newest member of the CX family of loudspeakers.

The active coaxial 12-inch loudspeaker CX-2A extends the CX range as a compact monitor with proper low end reproduction, and high SPL capabilities with maximum gain before feedback. Its sound, like that of the CX-1A and CX-3A, is perceived by our customers to be surprisingly ‘open’ and ‘relaxed’, an impression that is sustained well up to the limits of this bi-amped 1000 Watts RMS powered loudspeaker.

Measuring 18.8 x 17.2 x 14.5 inches (47,7 x 43,7 x 36,8 cm) and weighing in at 43 pounds (19.5 kilograms) the point source’s axialsymmetric dispersion of 75°x75° fits between its CX counterparts, CX-1A and CX-3A. The CX-2A can be employed on stage in both nearfield and farfield positions at angles of 35° and 58° respectively.

Due to the low 65Hz cutoff frequency and the use of a 12-inch driver, the CX-2A is able to displace the CX-1A, whenever there is a demand for increased low frequency content. The CX-3A, the big brother in the same line, featuring a unique beryllium high frequency unit, provides increased low frequency performance. Like all active Lambda Labs loudspeakers, the CX-2A is precisely equalized using FIR filters, thus guaranteeing a linear-phase music reproduction down to 200Hz.

With the use of the preset button, the CX-2A can be altered into 4 different modes of operation from a versatile stage monitor into stand alone box or into a flyable PA system with integrated EPS rigging system and optional subwoofers. The 2mm front grille provides robust crush resistance and is covered with our own special acoustically transparent fabric.

Lambda Labs


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