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ISP Technologies Debuts VT2210 Dual Element Array

New 2-way bi-amped cabinet developed for outdoor stadium and arena applications offers 85V X 90H pattern for both near-field and long throw applications.

By PSW Staff August 7, 2019

The VT2210 dual element line array loudspeaker from ISP Technologies.

ISP Technologies announces the new VT2210 dual element array loudspeaker.

The VT2210 was developed for outdoor stadium and arena applications. The dual element array design allows a single loudspeaker to provide a down firing element to cover near-field bleachers and an upper element to cover across the field bleachers.

By incorporating both the near-field and long throw across the field element into one cabinet, VT2210 eliminate the interaction and phase problems associate with separate cabinet. This improves fidelity, clarity and definition of the sound system.

The VT2210 is a flyable dual element array loudspeaker works with front of house systems, foreground and background music plus music-plus-paging systems. These loudspeakers are also ideally suited for a wide variety of applications including church installs, nightclubs, restaurants and any installation requiring a low profile high output cabinet. The VT2210 is also available in a weatherized version for outdoor applications.

Many church applications require a low profile cabinet due to low ceiling heights. The VT2210 ships with available internal fly-points on top including a lower pull-back rig point or custom U Style mounting bracket. The VT2210 provides vocal clarity and dynamic impact. Combined with a subwoofer the VT2210 provides a high performance audio system.

Main features include:
— Dual element array cabinet with 85V X 90H pattern
— 2-way bi-amped internally powered design
— 1100 watts RMS internal or external power amplifier
— Remote power supply option available
— U-style mounting bracket or 3/8 inch eyebolt rigging
— LF, 2x 10-inch 800 watt woofer
— HF, dual 1.4-inch HF compression driver on 45 x 90 horns
— 136dB peak, 132dB long term output level

VT2210 is covered under US patents 6,831,514, 9,402,128, 9,641,133 and 9,853,602

ISP Technologies

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