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ISP Technologies Debuts New GLA2806 Line Array

Latest model offers eight 6.5-inch neo woofers and six 1.75 inch neo HF compression drivers with a bi-amplified design.

By PSW Staff January 7, 2019

The new GLA2806 line array from ISP Technologies.

The latest offering from ISP Technologies is the newly designed GLA2806 line array loudspeaker. This small format 2-way “true” line array cabinet is designed with “gapless” summation of the line array elements. The GLA2806 is an all-in-one box system with 6 elements comprised of eight 6.5-inch neo woofers and six 1.75 inch neo HF compression drivers.

All multi-box line array systems suffer from a gap between the individual elements of the line array which can cause response errors due to the spacing between the drivers. In many designs this will cause both frequency and phase errors in the response and the sound will change based on the seating position in the room.

The GLA2806 system delivers all the advantages of a true line array system but with a new level of precision summation between the internal components. The GLA2806 offers a 48-degree vertical by 100-degrees horizontal pattern, smooth summation between the internal elements, and the same mid-range clarity and definition ISP is known for.

The powered bi-amplified design of the GLA2806 is a features the ISP Technologies patented DAA Dynamic Adaptive Amplifier technology which delivers efficiency close to that of Class D but with class A/B sonic performance. The GLA2806 also provides line array performance at a lower price point. Venues looking for a small format line array now have the opportunity to have a high fidelity line array system without the associated high price.

For more information on the GLA2806 all in one “true” line array, the newest issued DAA patent, or any technology drives ISP products, email [email protected]. Made in the USA.

ISP Technologies

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