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Inside Streamline Systems: Meeting High Standards While Serving As True Partners With Clients

By Keith Clark January 17, 2018

Streamline Systems founder/director Michael Pereira at the racks filled with networked EV components that drive the stadium system at Lara Cricket Academy; above is the Streamline Systems team in the company's showroom.

Carrying out a stated mission “to deliver technological solutions through service excellence,” Streamline Systems has developed a well-earned reputation for providing top-quality AV solutions to a rapidly growing customer base in the Caribbean.

With offices in Trinidad, Barbados and South Florida, the full-service production and installation company focuses on serving as true partners with clients, constantly seeking to meet the highest standards for service combined with superior products. A diverse roster of clients includes leading corporations, sports facilities, resorts, nightclubs and more.

“Regardless of the customer, we approach every product with pride, integrity and teamwork to insure that the job gets done right the first time, every time,” explains Michael Pereira, founder and director of Streamline Systems. “Our team of audio, video and lighting technicians are customer focused as well as industry credentialed, bringing the necessary expertise to ensure projects are completed on budget and to the highest professional standards.”

A recent project highlighting this approach is at the new Brian Lara Cricket Academy just north of San Fernando, the first state-of-the-art cricket training facility to be constructed by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. It includes a 15,000-capacity stadium with club seating, lounges and executive boxes as well as exhibition space, all of which required a specialized, tightly integrated audio system.

Streamline Systems, which has successfully served several other stadiums in the Caribbean, was asked to put together the design within a month. After several meetings and presentations with the client, Streamline was awarded the contract with a strict deadline of just over 100 days for completion and commissioning of a widespread distributed system hallmarked by more than 45,000 feet of cabling and related infrastructure. All criteria were met, and within the tight timeframe, to the approval of a very satisfied client.

Deep Ties

A key in the notable track record of Streamline from the outset has been Electro-Voice, which has been a primary brand in more than 90 percent of the company’s system designs. It’s a relationship that stretches back further with Pereira, when he previously served as a manufacturer’s representative for EV, based in Florida.

“I was actually aware of EV even prior to serving as a rep,” he adds. “But I got a deep understanding of the essence of Electro-Voice as a rep. It really comes down to two very important things: intelligibility and a uniquely pleasing sonic signature. EV doesn’t try to be the loudest, or the cheapest, or anything along those lines. Simply, it’s consistently great performance at an attractive value.”

The Ramada Paramaribo Princess Hotel in Suriname, where Streamline implemented a nine-zone system, each controllable and outfitted with a variety of EV loudspeakers such as EVID 6.2TW surface-mount models.

The number of projects throughout the region utilizing EV components has dramatically increased due to the successful collaboration of the two entities. Another factor helping to fuel the situation, Pereira notes, is the depth of the product line combined with performance consistency from the smallest to the largest components.

“Whether it’s a single box or a pair of powered loudspeakers, up through systems for huge clubs and stadiums, EV wins out consistently in direct comparisons to other premium brands that we present to clients,” he states. “It’s great to see customers’ eyes light up during this process, and it also plays out with microphones and other components as well. Sometimes here in the islands it’s tough to get people to switch brands, but once they experience EV, they’ve proven happy to do so.”

Range Of Solutions

A project at Carnival City Ultra Sports Lounge in Gulf City, Trinidad, bears out Pereira’s position. The client sought a high-powered system with exceptional sound quality not only at lower lounge levels but also at higher SPL. It also needed to keep up with the high-energy bass required for Caribbean nightclubs.

These goals were met with 10 EVF-1122D full-range loudspeakers and six EVF-2151D double-15-inch subwoofers. Powered by CPS2.12 amplifiers, the system is more than capable of getting as loud as desired. Further, an outdoor patio extends the high-SPL environment utilizing dual ZX-5PI weatherized loudspeakers, while EVID C8.2 ceiling loudspeakers supply constant coverage in VIP rooms and common areas.

Some of the (many) EV loudspeakers deployed by Steamline Systems at Carnival City.

“Because the club also has a multipurpose dance floor/stage, we used a pair of EVF-1122D speakers aimed at the dance floor that can be muted for live performance,” Pereira adds. “EV’s ELX-115P powered boxes also work great as both stage monitors and the DJ monitor, while a mixture of wired and wireless microphones – including the RE-2, R300 and N/D267a – are used on stage and for the DJs.”

Broader Palette

Another benefit that has emerged over the past decade is the support of EV parent company Bosch. The result has been an even broad portfolio of options across every aspect of the AV market, helping Streamline further broaden its customer base.

Examples abound, including the design and installation of a multizone music and paging system for the Accident & Emergency unit of the North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA), the governing body for health care in the north-western zone of Trinidad. The objective was to integrate a more modern, efficient, and user-friendly system into the facility’s infrastructure.

One of the 10 Bosch LP1-UC10E unidirectional sound projectors (EVAC compliant) installed by Steamline as part of the NWRHA project.

Design engineer Jamal Smart of Streamline selected a Bosch PLENA matrix 8-channel DSP matrix mixer as the backbone of the system, working with additional Bosch components such as a power amplifier, SD tuner, call stations, wall control panels and more. A statement from NWRHA following the project: “After 15 years with the company, it’s the cleanest installation that we’ve experienced. To which the facility’s IT manager adds, “As a music man myself, I can hear the sonic quality and love that the system is fully programmable via the network… 6 out of 5 stars.”

Continuous Teamwork

Pereira admits to having some favorite products over his long history with EV, such as the ZX line of loudspeakers, but it’s really more about the overall consistency of the entire line. More recently, a stand-out is the NetMax platform for larger, mission-critical applications such as at the aforementioned Lara Cricket Academy.

With the stadium seating split into north and south stands, two Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 units are linked to deliver crystal clear audio over an OMNEO/Dante network.
Further, basic system control is supplied by EV TPI-5 touch screen controls that allow each stand to be turned on and off independently, with more advanced control via a full-sized touch screen computer.

A closer look at one of the racks of networked EV components put together by Streamline that are a key to the system serving the stadium at Lara Cricket Academy.

Beyond the products, however, Pereira notes that the key is a tradition of strong support, a relationship based upon constant collaboration between the two parties. Streamline has built itself into a mature enterprise well known as a go-to entity for systems solutions, and while EV, currently celebrating its 90th anniversary, definitely has maturity to spare, it still comes down to why most choose a career in sound: music.

“While EV isn’t a young company, it feels young – energetic, friendly, and a true passion for music,” he concludes. “That definitely translates to the products. Simply, the stuff all sounds good. Not harsh, but just right, and right out of the box.”

Find out more about Streamline Systems here.

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