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Historic Rialto Theatre Reincarnated With NEXO

Bozeman, Montana venue and conference center upgrades with M10 line arrays, LS18 subs, ID24 loudspeakers and NX 4x4 amplifiers.

By PSW Staff February 15, 2018

The Rialto Theatre in Bozeman, Montana.

The historic Rialto Theatre in Bozeman, Montana has been totally remodeled to include a new NEXO GEO M10 line array system.

Charles Salter Associates designed the building acoustics with sound system installation by Jeremiah Slovarp, technical director, at Jereco Studios (Bozeman).

“The theatre is mechanically floated/acoustically decoupled from the outside world and the inside of the building,” states Slovarp, “The Burn Bar and Light Box conference center are also mechanically floated/acoustically decoupled from the theatre below.” The Burn Bar is a hip bar overlooking Main Street and the Light Box is a conference center used for meetings and events. The theatre can also swing from SRO to tables and chairs for theatricals, seated concerts, corporate presentations, and movie screenings.

The NEXO system includes a six per side GEO M10 line arrays rigged by GMT-LBUMPM10 fly ware, four NEXO LS18s, four NEXO ID24 loudspeakers for front lip/center fill, eight ID24 speakers four per side surround left and right, and two NX 4×4 amplifiers. The Burn Bar and Light Box conference center above the theatre feature four ID24 loudspeakers, two (black boxes) in the Burn Bar and two (white boxes) in the Light Box.

“Originally, we were considering the GEO M6 but during the design process, the M10 was released,” says Slovarp. “Salter liked the idea of NEXO and then worked with Yamaha to optimize the system using NEXO NS1 software for the room along with the acoustics master plan.

The NEXO ID24’s in the center of the theatre function as gentle front fill options during intimate concerts. Combined with the surrounds left and right, the ID24’s make a wonderful listening experience for both films and theatrical sound design options. The client is very excited to have an amazing-sounding system, and even with the system at full volume, you can barely notice something is going on downstairs in the Burn Bar and Light Box areas.”

Chris Cundy, technical director at the Rialto says that Jereco Studios was timely and professional on the installation work.

“Jeremiah’s attention to detail throughout the install, as well as the excellent service of his staff, was appreciated. The system went in without issue and on time. The Rialto is just now completing its first month of shows, and we’ve had a great variety of acts thus far, with the NEXO system performing well in all applications. It has plenty of power and filling the room evenly.

“In the Black Box Theater, we’ve hosted rock bands, Jazz, solo acoustic, DJ’s, movies with 5.1 surround content, and a musical all in this first month. It’s already clear to us that the NEXO M10 system was a great choice.”


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