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Flexible, Scalable Digital Intercom Systems For A Wide Range Of Applications

Digital intercom systems provide a foundation for point-to-point and group multi-connections

By Gary Zandstra July 15, 2011

Digital intercom systems are usually interconnected just like a computer network, commonly referred to as a LAN (local area network), and just like most audio networks, a digital intercom usually requires its own separate network.

It may run on the same kind of cable as a LAN, but still needs to be wired as its own network.

Note, however, that a couple of years ago, Clear-Com introduced a direct link from its IP-enabled V-Series panels to its Eclipse digital matrix intercom frames over an existing WAN or LAN Ethernet connection, allowing users to establish intercom communications in locations where direct cabling is lacking by employing the existing local IT infrastructure.

Most systems can be interconnected with CAT5, fiber optics and even good ol’ coaxial cable.

For control and configuration of the system, software is loaded on a computer, and the computer is connected to the network.

The computer may be on its own LAN and connected to many other computers, a connection can be made from the computers LAN to the digital intercom systems network giving control and configuration capabilities from anywhere that a computer is connected to that LAN network.

Clear-Com V-Series panel that enables a direct link of the company’s Eclipse digital
matrix intercom frames over an existing WAN or LAN Ethernet connection. (click to enlarge)

With the use of DSP (digital signal processing), very large digital intercom systems can be configured and reconfigured all from a software GUI (graphical user interface).

The bottom line is that digital intercoms, harnessing these technological advancements, can literally be configured into a networked system that spans the globe.

Gary Zandstra is a professional AV systems integrator with Parkway Electric in Holland, MI.

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Gary Zandstra
Gary Zandstra

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