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Encompass AV Equips Apogee Rooftop Bar With Martin Audio CDD

CDD12 and CDD10 loudspeakers with CSX118 subs cover Chicago venue awarded “New Concept of the Year” at the Nightclub and Bar Awards in Las Vegas.

By PSW Staff May 15, 2018

Apogee rooftop bar

Apogee, an innovative rooftop bar on the 26th floor of Chicago’s Dana Hotel and Spa, was recently awarded “New Concept of the Year” at the Nightclub and Bar Awards in Las Vegas. Self-described as “the ultimate high point in the cocktail scene,” Apogee features “master mixologists that deliver quality cocktails quickly and consistently in hand-blown glassware and custom ceramic vessels.”

According to Tim Pickett of Encompass AV who installed the sound system with Martin Audio CDD loudspeakers during Apogee’s original upgrade: “The venue is a re-concept by the Fifty/50 Group whom we work with on a regular basis for a number of restaurant and club installations in Chicago.

“They were replacing and totally upgrading the original bar that was on site, and the owner and his team were concerned that the original sound system wasn’t up to par. It was only two or three years old, but really hurt your ears at loud volumes.

“We did an A-B demo with Martin Audio CDD12’s and the original 12-inch speakers, and you could clearly hear the quality difference with the CDD12’s.”

The installed sound system included 12 CDD12’s and four CSX118 subs mounted on the ceiling around the perimeter of the bar and the main seating area. The bar’s VIP room is equipped with four CDD10’s mounted on the walls with yoke mounts and two CSX212 subs mounted above acoustic paneling but ported outwards so the sound can be evenly distributed.

Pickett confirms that the ownership “is ecstatic with the final results. There were originally some noise concerns because the venue is on top of a high rise with neighbors and other condos close by, but we were able to tweak the system and quickly eliminate any possible problems because of the control we have with CDD’s differential dispersion technology.

“Bottom line, the club sounds great,” Pickett concludes. “The coverage is incredibly consistent, the audio quality is amazing, and the low end sounds phenomenal. The owners are way happier with the Martin Audio system than the original PA.”

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