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DcSoundOp: VCA Fundamentals & Control Voltage Basics

Latest episode of “Live Sound Basics” focuses on Voltage Controlled Amplifiers and how they work.

By Steve Milner December 13, 2018

DcSoundOp: VCA Fundamentals & Control Voltage Basics in ProAudio

In this episode of “Live Sound Basics” we’re talking about VCAs. Voltage Controlled Amplifiers are the DCA’s analog predecessor and in this video we break down how they work.

With the use of installation audio modules from Radio Design Labs we look at how VCAs work along with some of the fundamentals of control voltages in audio paths. We talk about where these types of tools can be useful and what the advantages are over other approaches.

Taking things one more step, we look at DCA groups on the PreSonus StudioLive Series 3 mixers and how those can be used to take more control over your mix.

Follow along as we set-up a ST-VCA3 Module from Radio Design Labs and experiment with using control voltages to set audio levels remotely. Leave a comment if you’ve got a question or need more help with your VCA or DCA setup.

About Steve

Steve Milner
Steve Milner

Steve Milner (aka @DcSoundOp) is a freelance sound engineer who travels the world for work and attempts to create educational and entertaining videos and production related content along the way.


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