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d&b audiotechnik Revealing New Addition To SL-Series At NAMM

KSL joins Special Loudspeaker (SL) lineage as the smaller sibling to GSL, with broadband directivity, extended LF response and advanced rigging options.

By PSW Staff January 21, 2019

d&b audiotechnik's KSL System

German audio technology company d&b audiotechnik announce the imminent arrival of a new addition to its SL-Series at the NAMM show in California, beginning January 24, 2019.

The KSL System is the smaller sibling of GSL. KSL brings to market all the recognizable benefits of its Special Loudspeaker (SL) lineage, including full range broadband directivity, extended LF response and advanced rigging options in an accessible size and performance package.

KSL is designed for sound reinforcement needs of any genre, mobile or installed, from large scale arenas, stadiums and festivals to medium scale applications such as clubs, theaters, houses of worship and performing arts venues.

The KSL8 and KSL12 loudspeakers, with 80˚ and 120˚ horizontal dispersion respectively, provide consistent pattern control down to the lowest frequencies. The geometry of two front facing 10-inch drivers and two side firing 8-inch drivers couple and apply cardioid techniques, creating precise broadband directivity with significantly extended low frequency headroom towards the audience.

This low frequency extension and headroom is so effective that it negates the need for subwoofers flown behind or alongside the main hangs in many applications. Midrange is delivered by a high sensitivity horn loaded with an 8-inch driver, while two innovative, custom designed 3-inch voice coil HF drivers mounted on a wave shaping device provide the high frequency resolution and output.

The SL-SUB / SL-GSUB subwoofers complement the low end with two forward facing 21-inch drivers and a single, rear facing 21-inch driver delivering the cardioid dispersion. It extends the response down to 30 Hz with dispersion control, low frequency headroom and efficiency. The SL-SUB can be flown, while the SL-GSUB is designed for ground stacked applications.

Each SL-Series loudspeaker is amplified in 2-Way active mode by the d&b D80 amplifier.
Completing the comprehensive package, the SL-Series brings a patented combination of tension and compression rigging procedures to the d&b three-point rigging system. Designed to fit within standard shipping container and truck sizes, KSL comes in touring carts with protective covers as well as the completely packaged rigging infrastructure.

The d&b SL-Series offers the ability to control the full frequency spectrum and minimize low-mid frequency masking in the reverberant field, allowing system engineers to reduce the overall SPL level in the venue, improving the system’s intelligibility and cleaning up the stage monitoring environment.

When used in combination with the d&b NoizCalc software, engineers, event managers and promoters can benefit from powerful noise emission modelling solutions for system configurations on outdoor events of any scale.

Werner ‘Vier’ Bayer from d&b Product Management: “The SL-Series is the latest step in d&b‘s continuing obsession with directivity control, acoustical performance and optimal workflow. The industry and the environment in which we operate is constantly evolving and this means our systems are meaningful only when they deliver value to our customers and their clients. Premium acoustical performance for the highest quality listening experience is but one dimension. Workflow and a fully engineered system solution is another, but we are now in an era where the control of sound dispersion and the minimizing of noise is of critical value to the events and the venues we serve. The SL-Series is therefore bigger in more than one dimension and we are delighted to be launching the KSL System to the market.”

“As with all new developments it’s essential we understand what technicians have in mind when they’re working,” adds Matthias Christner, head of R&D Acoustics at d&b. “These challenges become the vision, something that we can shape with our own instincts and knowledge. This is why we talk about evolution not revolution, it’s a continuous updating of ideas; each step builds on the last. KSL is our latest advance on that journey and is warmly welcomed into the family.’’

d&b audiotechnik

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