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Dante Vs Dremel: Audinate’s AVIO Adapters Go Under The Knife

Taking a closer look at an option for getting audio on and off a Dante network for less than $200, and then destroying it to see what's inside.

By Steve Milner August 31, 2018

If you’re working with Dante networks regularly or have thought about moving in that direction, the new AVIO adapters by Audinate are something you’ll want to know about. With the cost of Dante compatible gear being on the “spendy” side of things, seeing a sub two hundred dollar option for getting audio on and off of the network, especially from Audinate, is a huge milestone.

Offered in single and dual channel options, as well as in both Analog and AES3 flavors, along with a bi-directional USB model, they’ve covered a lot of bases. Check out the video for a detailed look at what’s inside the AVIO adapters as I cut one open for science!

The sonically welded plastic housing that makes up the AVIO adapters is quite robust and will likely last a long time with typical use. Since I had to destroy one to show you the insides, I figured I might as well improve things a bit.

Check out the metal boxed version I whipped up as a quick idea of where the Audinate Ultimo chipset could possibly be used in the future.

If you’ve got any questions for Audinate, be sure to reach out and let me know. This is just a first look video, so I’m sure you have questions and concerns about things I didn’t cover. Contact me through the link below and I’ll get them to Audinate and get you the answers you need.


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Steve Milner

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