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Danley Sound Labs Unveils Danley Direct Modeling Platform (Includes Video)

New software offers transparent cross-platform performance (Mac or PC), multiple-window flexibility, and speed

By PSW Staff July 14, 2014

A screenshot of new Danley Direct software

Danley Sound Labs has unveiled Danley Direct, a new software platform that models the direct sound path from user-defined designs involving Danley loudspeakers in three-dimensional spaces that can then be conveniently imported or modeled via SketchUp. It’s available for free download at the company website here.

Danley Direct was co-designed by acoustician Doug Jones and Sebastian Rivas Godoy, offering transparent cross-platform performance (Mac or PC), multiple-window flexibility, and speed. It’s built on solid math and third-party measured loudspeaker and subwoofer data.

The new software is heir to the capabilities of Danley’s DDT, a loudspeaker modeling software programs that includes subwoofer (i.e. < 100 Hz) output.

“When we were asked by Danley president Mike Hedden to update DDT, Sebastian and I realized that it had fully matured,” explains Jones. “It would become unwieldy if we tried to build more capability on top of its existing structure.

“So we decided to start from scratch. We recognized that our new software had to be fast, and it had to let the user create his or her own work environment. It needed a powerful graphics engine that could keep pace with a quick-thinking designer.”

As noted, Danley Direct operates on Mac or PC with interchangeable files, and it also supports multiple-window operation, with rendered objects able to be rotated and otherwise manipulated without requiring re-rendering. “No other loudspeaker modeling software can do that,” says Hedden.

Because it uses the ubiquitous SketchUp as its drawing environment, it’s easy to create spaces either from scratch or by importing the numerous file types that SketchUp accepts (e.g. .dxf, AutoCAD). Danley Direct can import Danley DDT files, and, like DDT, training will count toward CTS continuing education credits.

“Danley has always supported third-party independent measurements,” concludes Jones.”The model you build in Danley Direct will be as close to the reality of the subsequent installation as any reasonable person could expect. This software is not designed to sell Danley products; it is designed to properly model them so that our users will have successful projects. And that is what will sell Danley products.”


Danley Sound Labs


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