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Audio-Technica Announces Trade-In Rebate Program For 600 MHz Wireless Systems

Program will assist in switching to a new system that accommodates the ongoing FCC wireless spectrum reallocation initiative, through March 31, 2019.

By PSW Staff August 16, 2017

Audio Technica's AEW-4314a is a 4000 Series System

Audio-Technica is preparing for the upcoming shift away from wireless systems operating in the 600 MHz band (614 to 698 MHz), mandated by law as a result of the ongoing FCC wireless spectrum reallocation initiative.

To meet the demands of this situation, A-T has announced a wide-ranging trade-in rebate program that will assist wireless users in switching to a new system that accommodates the new guidelines, on their terms, through March 31, 2019.

The transition period will create an uncertain operating environment for users of 600 MHz wireless systems, who will be affected differently depending on their geographic location. Some may need to switch to new systems right away or fairly soon, while others will be able to operate longer. A few may even be able to hold out until the FCC mandated deadline of July 13, 2020.

Audio-Technica’s longer trade-in rebate program allows additional flexibility and options for this important switchover.

Due to the complexity of the reallocation and the number of parties involved, there is no way to accurately predict just how – or when – individual users will be affected by these changes. But there’s no need to panic. Unless your system is part of a mission critical application, Audio-Technica recommends following a “use-it-til-you-lose-it path.” Begin budgeting for a new system, get as much use as you can out of your current 600 MHz system (up to the FCC deadline), then make the switch once you encounter problems. This also may allow users to take advantage of any new wireless systems brought to market before switching to a new wireless system.

Audio-Technica is offering a “Trade In On Your Terms” program to help you make the switch out of 600 MHz when necessary. For each 600 MHz wireless system traded in (regardless of manufacturer) users will receive a rebate on an eligible Audio-Technica wireless system. To give users the flexibility to budget and switch to a new system, A-T is running this trade-in program from August 15, 2017, through March 31, 2019.

Visit the link below for full terms and conditions.


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