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ARX Releases 2nd Generation USB DI

Offers digital and analog operating modes featuring full transformer balanced output isolation and 24-bit digital to analog conversion.

By PSW Staff August 23, 2016

ARX announces the release of its 2nd Generation USB DI, the first with dual mode audio input interface – digital and analog – for two DIs in one.

“ARX released our first USB DI back in 2007 and the unit has become an industry standard for USB – analog audio conversion” says ARX managing director, Colin Park.

“Recently we’ve been looking at where and how ARX’s USB DIs are being used, and concluded that along with USB enabled devices, some users also stored their audio playback material on Tablet Devices, Phones and iPads which have no direct USB Digital outputs, and that interfacing these devices outputs reliably with the professional world of balanced audio can be a problem.”

“At ARX we concluded that our new second generation ‘USB DI Plus’ should offer users a “one box – dual mode” solution to both their USB digital and analog audio interface needs. To put it simply – Two DIs in one.”

Park continues, ” In analog mode the USB DI Plus offers both L & R 6.5mm and broadcast quality Amphenol mini jack socket inputs. To ensure reliability, analog mode is passive, with no batteries or phantom power required for use.”

“Switching over to USB digital mode offers a standard USB type B port with inbuilt 24-bit high resolution digital to analog 44.1 / 48 KHz converter (DAC). This installs as a fully compatible generic “plug and play” USB audio device, requiring no special driver program installation, digital mode powers off the USB connection.” 

“Both left & right outputs also feature ground lift and mono mode switching.”

In conclusion, Park says, “Both the USB DI Plus digital and analog operating modes feature full transformer balanced output isolation. This eliminates earth loops / ground hum and helps remove extraneous interaction noise and distortion ensuring ultra low noise operation even in the harshest audio environments.”



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