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Arvus Group Announces Release Of World’s First 7.1 HDMI To AES/EBU Audio Converter

New HDMI-2A converts 8 channels of HDMI to AES/EBU digital audio output plus giving full HDMI pass-through

By PSW Staff March 7, 2013

Front and back panel views of the new Arvus Group HDMI-2A digital audio converter (larger image below)

New Zealand-based Arvus Group has introduced the HDMI-2A, the company’s latest 7.1 HDMI digital audio converter.

The HDMI-2A is a world first as it successfully converts 8 channels of HDMI to AES/EBU digital audio output plus giving full HDMI pass-through. It works with any HDMI ready device.

Arvus founder Matthew Simmons explains the approach and market need for the HDMI-2A: “On the back of our first successful digital audio converter, the AES-2H, we were asked by Sony if we could develop a HDMI to AES/EBU converter. They needed such a device to help them verify the loudness levels out of their PlayStations. So we did – and now not only does Sony use dozens of these worldwide now many game developers do as well.”

Simmons adds that these devices have also been picked up by entities in the the DVD and Blu-ray authorizing industry.

Arvus Group also manufactures 8-channel AES/EBU to HDMI (AES-2H), USB to HDMI (USB-2H) converter, and FireWire to HDMI converters (FIRE-2H). Go here to learn more.


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