Cerwin Vega Debuts CV Series Comprised Of Three New Powered Loudspeaker Lines

A choice of lines designed to meet the specifics of a diverse set of live and installed applications

Cerwin Vega has introduced the new CV Series, comprised of three lines of powered loudspeakers for a range of portable as well as installed sound applications.

The lines include CVE, where portability and light weight are paramount; CVX, packing more punch while still relatively light in weight and high in portability; and CVXL, for larger applications requiring more output.

All three lines include a variety of models. CVE offers single 10-, 12- and 15-inch full-range boxes joined by an 18-inch subwoofer; CVX includes single 10- and 15-inch full-range boxes with 18- and 21-inch subwoofers with Cerwin Vega’s proprietary Tour Shield finish; CVXL is comprised of single 12- and 15-inch full-range cabinets as well as a dual 15-inch model, joined by single 18- and dual 21-inch subwoofers also with the Tour Shield finish.

CVX models will be available first, with both 2-way systems—CVX-10 and CVX-15—incorporating a compression driver feeding a 90- by 60-degree (h x v) horn. The cone and compression drivers are powered by an onboard 1,500-watt class D amplifier. Stated frequency response for the CVX-10 is 62 Hz to 20 kHz, and for the CVX-15 it is 54 Hz to 22 kHz (both at +/- 3 dB).

In addition, both are also outfitted with a 3-channel mixer with 2 combo XLR/TRS inputs, 1 TS stereo input, and 3 XLR outputs. Further, main/monitor and live/playback EQ modes are provided. There’s also a clip indicated on the front of each unit. Cabinets are made of a durable polymer.

Both the CVX-18 and CVX-21 subwoofers incorporate a woofer (18- and 21-inch, respectively) that is angle-fired in order to reduce port turbulence without impacting performance. Driven by a 2,000-watt class D amplifier, they include 2 XLR/TRS inputs and 3 XLR outputs. When multiple units are being used close together and rear sound rejection is designed, selection of an included cardioid mode can increase the forward volume by 6 dB while reducing rear volume by 12 dB.

The CVX-18 has a stated frequency response of 38 Hz to 146 Hz, while the response of the CVX-21 is 35 Hz to 154 Hz (both +/- 3 dB). Enclosures are 18 mm Baltic birch plywood, protected by the TourShield finish.

Cerwin Vega

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