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Celestion Axi2050 AxiPeriodic Driver Now Available At Parts Express

High-output driver designed to reproduce a frequency range of 300 Hz to 20 kHz without a midband crossover.
Celestion Axi2050 AxiPeriodic driver.

Celestion has announced that its Axi2050 AxiPeriodic driver with a unique, patented diaphragm design is now available for purchase at Parts Express.

Axi2050 is designed as a high-output driver that reproduces a stated frequency range of 300 Hz to 20 kHz without a midband crossover. It’s intended to provide an accurate signal, particularly in enhancing clarity and speech intelligibility.

It uses a single, large diameter, sculpted, circumferentially axiperiodic, annular titanium diaphragm designed to enable wideband output as well as providing several additional advantages. The diaphragm consists of many curved, axiperiodically symmetrical elements that add strength to a very thin and light sheet of titanium. As a result, the shape of the mechanical vibration modes are tailored so they do not couple with the acoustic modes, intended to offer uncoloured performance by avoiding resonance peaks.

Stated output is 140 dB (measured at 1 watt on a plane wave tube), with 110 dB to 115 dB on an appropriate large-format, 2-inch exit horn. Power handling capability is stated as 150 watts rms (AES standard). The throat has a 2-inch exit and is designed for standard mounting.

Go here for more on the Axi2050, and go here for purchase at Parts Express.

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