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CB Electronics Launches TMC-1 Monitor Remote For Avid Pro Tools XMON

Provides input selection, listen-back, talk-back and output selection for up to eight audio channels via three easily accessible screens

CB Electronics has launched the TMC-1 Remote for Avid’s Pro Tools XMON analog monitoring unit, providing input selection, listen-back, talk-back and output selection for up to eight audio channels via three easily accessible screens.

Colin Broad, founder of CB Electronics, states, “XMON is a powerful monitoring solution provided you have Pro-Control, the Pro Tools hardware interface. Our new TMC-1 allows you to use the XMON unit where you are working with a DAW alone, or with a different console when you need a comprehensive monitoring solution.”

“With more than 5,000 units sold the XMON must be one of the most ubiquitous audio monitoring units out there,” Broad continues. “Unfortunately unless you are using an appropriate console the XMON is probably just taking up space in the store room.”

“We had three main objectives when we designed the TMC-1 remote. To make the best possible complete interface to XMON, to include automation features for ADR and ISDN sessions, and to include an upgrade path to a full multi-channel digital monitoring system by interfacing to various digital audio interfaces. With the launch of the TMC-1 we will have achieved the first two objectives, and we expect to have the first digital systems available next year.”

A special feature of this controller is the ADR-style control of talk-back, listen-back, studio L/S and control room L/S controlled by the play and record GP Inputs or LTC and MTC/HUI inputs.

Using an embedded processor the unit communicates directly with XMON via MIDI or RS422, and controls the full XMON functionality—no other computer is required. The remote is fitted with a talk-back microphone and a headphone jack and a GPIO connector. A five-meter, 15-pin cable is supplied to connect with XMON and supports all XMON functionality. The unit can be free standing or sunk into a control desk.

USB provides power, MIDI communication with the DAW, and allows for software updates. The USB Midi (MTC/HUI) is used to detect play and record for auto-talkback, or even a time code display. The GPI port provides hardware mute, foot-switch input, and PFL/AFL.

Broad adds, ”At the recent Tonmeister Tagung Expo we agreed with DAD (Digital Audio Denmark) to produce a version of the TMC-1 which will provide multi-channel digital monitoring using their digital interfaces. One advantage of the digital version is that the number of channels is only limited by the DAW so that formats like 7.1+4, 10.2, 22.1 or larger are all possible.”

While the TMC-1 does not require or use a touch screen, the 4.3-inch TFT display on the TMC-1 is touch screen capable in case it may required in the future.

Further features include: play tally from play GPIO input, MTC or LTC; record/red light GPIO input; auto-mute main LS, studio LS, talk-back and listen-back, programmable from play and record GPIO; two separate talk-back destinations via GP outputs; dual calibration settings of 85 dB and 80 dB SPL; dedicated speaker solo/mute keys; GPIO for talk-back, listen-back, PFL/AFL.

The TMC-1 controller for the XMON is now shipping, with the S6 version available early next year.

CB Electronics

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