Cavalcade Of Sound (Includes Video)

By PSW Staff October 6, 2016

The recent Live Sound International Loudspeaker Demo at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville during the annual Worship Facilities Expo (WFX) drew hundreds of audio… Read More

Real World Gear: Flexible Resources

By Gary Parks August 19, 2016

Go to a concert these days and you’re likely to see line arrays flying left and right above the stage. For many applications, well-designed line… Read More

Real World Gear: Consistent Coverage

By Live Sound Staff April 22, 2016

The definition of which characteristics make a line array small- or large-format, is somewhat arbitrary. Is it how wide or high each element is,… Read More

Real World Gear: Vocal Microphones

By Craig Leerman February 17, 2016

The textbook definition of a microphone is a transducer that converts acoustical energy (sound waves) into electrical energy. Basically, a sound wave hits a diaphragm… Read More