Study Hall

Shure: A Classic Pro Audio Success Story

By Keith Clark January 6, 2008

Shure’s history exemplifies the much-documented American success story we never get tired of hearing: one person with a dream, overcoming considerable odds with little more than courage and moxie to create a thriving empire that’s touched many of our lives through the decades. Read More

Convergence: Now, Never or Not Yet?

By Chris Doering January 6, 2008

When digital emerges as the standard format for distribution of audio and video, we could be looking at a shakeout of seismic proportions within the a/v industry. Read More

Distributed PA On A Fiber Backbone

By Keith Clark January 6, 2008

Australia's Olympic Park, home to the 2000 Summer Games, showcases the future applications of large-scale distributed systems over a fiber optic backbone. Read More

Awaiting the Digital Audio Network Standard

By Chris Doering January 6, 2008

Engineers debate the proposed standards, employers dream of becoming digital audio Macrosofts, and the industry plods along minus the boost a digital audio networking standard could provide. Read More

Successful Stage Mixing

By Dan Laveglia January 6, 2008

Finding that "perfect sound" can be a frustrating task, to say the least. Here are some of my rules for setting up successful stage mixes. Read More