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Carvin: EM900 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

Personal in-ear monitoring will bring your performance to the next level by giving you a new level of confidence with your monitor system. When you hear what you need to hear with new found clarity, your confidence increases as does your energy and performance level. The audience knows when you’re on top. Give them the best night after night, with the help of the EM900 system.

CONFIDENCE 518-542MHZ: The EM900 In-Ear Monitor System is all about delivering the mix perfectly every time in every venue within FCC approved operating frequencies.

STEREO/MONO: When in stereo mode, tailor your mix by adjusting the left/right pan. When in mono mode, the left/right pan controls the Ch.1 and Ch. 2 mix coming into the EM900 transmitter. 

AUDIO LIMITER: The onboard limiter found in the EM901 Body Pack reduces volume peaks and helps protect your hearing. Activate this awesome feature for a smoother listening experience.

HIGH DEFINITION: The EM902 Ear Buds offer high definition audio reproduction and a customized fit thanks to the included silicone boots offered in 3 different sizes.

THE SYSTEM FOR EVERYONE: Whether your a solo artist or in a 7 piece band, the EM900 In-Ear Monitor System is right at home in any situation. Simple and scalable. 


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