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Can I Get a Rim Shot? Working with Electronic Drums

Electronic drums can be a great tool for a church if you know how to properly use them.
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Alone on the stage sits your new electronic drum set.

No cage around it. No elaborate microphone setup.

It’s perfect for your church!

It might be an easier setup than an acoustic drum kit but despite their advantages, electronic drums come with their own set of frustrations

Some Of The Downsides
• One audio send to rule them all. Many of the lower-priced models only send one audio signal out so you’ve got an entire drum kit in one mixer channel strip.

• One hit to rule them all. The lower priced (and many of the older kits) are not touch sensitive so it doesn’t matter if the drummer slams the sticks or just barely touches them, you get the same volume.

• One module to rule them all. Electronic drum kit pieces all plug into a common module on the kit and unless it’s set up correctly, the drums could sound bad no matter what you do.

What Can You Do?
Upgrade! Perhaps your old drum set is beginning to fall apart. Maybe the drummer just won the lottery and wants to buy a new kit for the church.

Whatever the reason, there are some pretty serious benefits to upgrading an old drum kit to a new electronic kit

• New kits are region sensitive and so the drum can get more unique sounds out of the drums.

• New kits (even mid-range) are more touch-sensitive.

• If the money is available, higher-end kits provide separate audio signals for each drum piece, which can make mixing significantly easier.

If money isn’t flowing so much as dripping, let’s look at the variety of other methods to brings new life to the electronic drums and getting a better house sound.

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