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Calrec Console Integrated In NCP Production Truck

New Century Productions chose Calrec's Audio Sigma, the eighth Calrec in their fleet.

New Century Productions (NCP) will rely on a Calrec Audio Sigma with Bluefin HD DSP on its NCP V truck, currently being rebuilt from the wheels up.

NCP is using fiber to eliminate about 1,000 pounds of copper cable and patch bays and enable the refurbished HD truck, NCP V, to run without a B unit.

NCP V will utilize both MADI and Calrec’s Hydra Networking to make I/O connectivity both simple and fast.

“Using MADI internally enables us to eliminate some 1,536 cables and an equal number of patch points, reducing weight and bulk and simplifying operations,” said Mike Mundt, NCP director of engineering.

“The Sigma console displays an input and output page for MADI, making what were once patch points accessible on a computer screen.”

“As a result, setups can be saved and recalled for recurring shows, which further saves time.”

“The mixing desk on this truck is NCP’s eighth Calrec console. We have found them to be unmatched for quality and reliability, essential considerations in mobile television.”

Currently being integrated at Little Bay Broadcast in Madbury, N.H., NCP V is a 53-foot expando trailer designed for hardworking, set-shoot-strike operation. Equipped with the new Calrec audio console, plus new monitoring and infrastructure, the truck’s principal mission will be to cover boxing for Showtime.

The truck’s Calrec Hydra audio networking system will use redundant gigabit Ethernet fiber to bring signals into the 64-fader Sigma mixer from ringside while also sending eight outputs back for monitoring.

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