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California’s OGN Arena Equipped With Astro Spatial Audio

South Korean e-sports promoter and broadcaster opens dedicated North American arena with immersive audio technology.

According to fans worldwide, the future of sports can be found not on a pitch or a field, but on a screen, with e-sports such as League of Legends and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) having now entered the mainstream.

For South Korean e-sports promoter and broadcaster OGN, the popularity of PUBG has prompted the opening of its first dedicated North American e-sports arena, located in Manhattan Beach, California. Equipped with 80 PCs on stage with a backdrop of giant LED screens, the 35,000 square-foot arena delivers entertainment not only for those watching at home but also the in-house audience. A key part of the experience is true object-based 3D sound courtesy of Astro Spatial Audio.

“Astro Spatial Audio 3D sound is an integral part of shows at the OGN Arena, where it’s crucial that audience members feel utterly immersed in the action taking place on the screens,” explains Astro Spatial Audio managing director Bjorn Van Munster. “The whole point of an e-sport like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is that you can compete without the limits of the real world, so of course OGN wanted to extend that same feeling to everyone in the room.”

Working seamlessly with the OGN Arena’s Meyer Sound loudspeaker set-up, a single SARA II premium rendering engine is enough to bring the virtual environment of PUBG into the real world arena. “If a player in the game fires a gun, the audience hears the bullets whistle past, if a grenade is thrown, it feels as if it has exploded in the arena,” concludes Van Munster.

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