Cakewalk Releases Rapture 1.2 Update;  Available As Free Download For Registered Users

Cakewalk has announced the availability of the free 1.2 Update for Rapture wavetable synthesizer, available as a free download for registered customers at:

Features & enhancements include:
• New Envelope Generator functionality includes the ability to retrigger envelopes using the Step Generator; saving and loading EG presets; drag and drop EG presets; an alternate Zoom mode; and auto-scroll when programming, a useful feature when working with extended or zoomed-in waveforms
• New Internal Tempo option, with a built-in Tap Tempo. Use this option to create syncopated rhythmic effects when using Rapture in a host DAW, or use it in stand-alone mode to ensure that Rapture’s tempo-based effects and modulations are in time with the music
• DC offset blocker to remove distortion that can occur when loading some waveforms with unwanted DC offset
• Extended Vista x64 support, including the ability for both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Rapture to be installed on the Windows Vista x64 operating system ensuring access within 32-bit DAWs that may be running on the 64-bit OS
• Selectors added to multiple parameters for quicker access to desired settings
• Knobs Focus Indicator to help users identify which knob is currently in focus

Rapture is the winner of the 2008 MIPA award, Keyboard Key Buy Award, Mix TEC award nominee, and recipient of Computer Music’s Top Ten Software Synthesizers of all time.

Cakewalk Website

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