Cakewalk Announces Availability Of New Snow Leopard Hardware Drivers For V-Studio 100

Cakewalk has announced the immediate availability of new Snow Leopard Mac Operating System (version 10.6) device drivers for the SONAR V-Studio 100 portable music production system.

Also now available are Snow Leopard hardware drivers for the UA-1G audio interface and UM-1G, UM-2G and UM-3G MIDI Interfaces.  More Snow Leopard hardware drivers will be announced soon.

The introduction of the SONAR V-Studio 100 and other hardware drivers for Snow Leopard furthers Cakewalk’s commitment to making its products compatible with the Macintosh.

“Mac users are loyal, and very much looking forward to the new version of their OS,” said Michael Hoover, vice president of products and marketing for Cakewalk. “In turn, Cakewalk is loyal to its Mac customers and supporting them means staying ahead of the development curve and anticipating customer’s needs.

“These new drivers are just the first step in our planned support for Snow Leopard and our Mac-based consumers.”

The new Snow Leopard drivers are available for the following hardware products, and can be downloaded from the Cakewalk website at their respective links:

SONAR V-Studio 100

UA-1G Audio Interface

UM-1G MIDI Interface

UM-2G MIDI Interface

UM-3G MIDI Interface

Cakewalk Website

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