CADAC US Launching At InfoComm: Showing Router, MADI & Dante Bridge Components

CADAC is exhibiting at InfoComm (booth C11532) for the first time as CADAC Audio Ltd US & Canada, the company’s new North American sales and distribution arm under the direction of general manager Paul Morini.

The company will be focusing attention on its MegaCOMMS system network with the introduction of three key infrastructural network components – the CDC MC router, CDC MC MADI network bridge and CDC MC Dante network bridge.

MegaCOMMS extends CADAC audio performance across scalable digital audio networks of up to 3,072 channels of 96 kHz/24-bit audio, comprising multiple CDC I/O stage boxes and consoles. The extensive latency management system automatically manages all internal routing and associated processing latency, providing time-aligned, phase-coherent transmission with sub-0.4 millisecond latency, from analog inputs on stage to analog outputs on stage.

The 2RU CDC MC router is the hub of the MegaCOMMS system network, with a single router supporting 128 channels of bi-directional 96 kHz/24-bit audio. The router currently allows up to four MegaCOMMS consoles to be linked to up to eight MegaCOMMS I/O stage boxes or audio network bridges within the same audio network, all on 150-meter (492-foot) runs from the CDC MC router.

Paul Morini, general manager of CADAC Audio Ltd US & Canada.

In addition, the router can be configured to allow a redundant console to run in parallel with the “live” console. Future upgrades will increase the power and expand the flexibility of this unit to take further advantage of the capacity of the MegaCOMMS network.

CADAC CDC MC MADI and CDC MC Dante network bridges allow the seamless integration of MADI and Dante units within a MegaCOMMS network. Both 1RU rackmount units can operate at 96 kHz or 48 kHz, and can handle up to 64 inputs and outputs.

Both are equipped with independent word clocks and come with dual PSUs as standard. Audio connections are co-axial on the CDC MC Dante network bridge (with RJ45 connectivity to Dante network devices), and co-axial and optical on the CDC MC MADI network bridge. As on the CDC MC router, co-axial connections helpfully glow red for the “ins” and blue for the “outs.”

The CDC eight-16 (single screen plus 16 faders) and the CDC eight-32 (dual screen plus 32 faders) digital production consoles will be shown; both have 128 channels and 48 bus outputs and the latest Version 2.1 software.

Version 2.1 includes several new features. VCA group deployment deploys the VCA group members on the console surface with a press of a button. A touch of the screen allows switching between input-driven and mix-driven Fader Follow. It’s also possible to view and access single input channel contributions to multiple buses, or a single bus contributions from multiple inputs when in Fader-Follow mode.

CADAC brand development manager Richard Ferriday states, “MegaCOMMS networks allow connection of multiple, CDC eight and CDC four, consoles and I/O stage boxes, or third party consoles, sources and audio networks, via the MADI bridge. With all audio samples synchronised before summing, there is absolute phase coherency at all outputs and negligible aggregated latency.

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“Together with full 96 kHz/24-bit audio, this offers a major performance improvement in terms of sound quality, along with a network capability of up to 3,072 channels. No other console manufacturer can offer a complete in-house solution on this scale, with one-stop solutions for any large scale multi-roomed installation or large scale, multi-artist live events, such as TV shows, awards ceremonies, festivals or mega tours.”

CADAC Audio Ltd US & Canada will be exhibiting at booth C11532 at InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas.





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