CADAC Launches CDC MC Dante Version 2 : A & B Dante Channels With Redundancy

CADAC is launching an uprated version of its CDC MC Dante – MegaCOMMS audio bridge, on its stand at Prolight + Sound. 

The CDC MC Dante V2 is a 1U Dante to MegaCOMMS audio network bridge enabling Dante units to be incorporated within a MegaCOMMS audio network. The unit now features A and B Dante ethernet ports with redundancy. It can operate at either 96 kHz or 48 kHz and can handle up to 64 inputs and outputs.

The MC Dante also has on-board sample rate conversion for all 128 channels, as well as its own independent word clock with audio connections via co-axial. Dual PSUs come as standard to ensure secure performance in critical network applications. As with the CDC MC MADI unit, the co-axial ports glow either red or blue for Rx (receive) or Tx (transmit) – enabling configuring of the MegaCOMMS network especially in low light.

MegaCOMMS networks allow connection of multiple, CDC eight and CDC six and CDC four, consoles, CADAC I/O stage boxes, or third party consoles, sources and audio networks via the CDC MC MADI bridge. With all audio samples synchronized before summing, there is phase coherency at all outputs and low latency, throughout the network, from any analogue input to any analogue output.

Together with full 96kHz / 24-bit audio, this offers a network capability of up to 3072 channels.


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