CADAC Launches CDC Eight, New Flagship Touring Console, At PLASA 2011

Offers "high agility" user interface, expandable to 256 input channels, available in two frame sizes and much more

At PLASA 2011, CADAC launched the CDC Eight, its new flagship digital live production console designed for high-end touring sound and fixed installation applications.

The CDC Eight offers a “high agility” user interface, accessed via two 24-inch 16:10 high definition LCD touch screens as well as another center-located 6-inch LCD touch screen to access the system control and automation.

The CDC Eight has a high I/O count for a desk at this price point, offering 128 input channels – expandable to 256 – and a standard 48 outputs. Two frame sizes offer 16 or 32 faders.

Built upon the company’s latest generation proprietary DSP mix platform, processing power – as the name implies – is delivered by eight 32/40-bit floating-point SHARC processors.

As with all CADAC desks, sound quality is paramount. A wide dynamic range, low noise mic pre-amp, specially developed ultra-low distortion EQ filters and analog emulating compressor algorithms, 24-bit/96 kHz Delta-Sigma AD/DA converters, and advanced EQ algorithm using proportional-Q techniques, a;; combine to deliver a classic “CADAC sound” signal chain.

“What really sets it apart – aside from the classic CADAC sound quality – is the user interface, which is truly of its time and totally intuitive to any audio engineer,” states CADAC sales development manager Vincenzo Borrelli.

The company lists a price of “£45K” ($74,357 U.S.) for the CDC Eight.

In addition, CADAC is branding its digital product range with the common CDC prefix, and as a result, the DM1600, launched at Prolight+Sound earlier this year, is renamed the CDC Four.

The “small format” digital production console shares the same proprietary DSP genealogy and many of the same signal chain features, as its larger CDC Eight sibling.

It offers a potential 56-input channels with a less menu dependent operating system and highly intuitive user interface.



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