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CADAC Announces V2.1 Update For CDC Eight

Cadac V2.1 software for the CDC eight digital live production console offers a number of enhancements including simplified VCA group deployment.

CADAC has announced the latest V2.1 software update for its flagship CDC eight digital live production console.

The software upgrade provides a number of enhancements including simplified VCA group deployment via the SELECT button which now deploys the VCA group members on the console surface.

Switching between input-driven and mix-driven Fader Follow is enabled at a touch of the screen. It is now possible to view and access single input channel contributions to multiple busses, or a single bus’ contributions from multiple inputs when in Fader-Follow mode.

New features already incorporated in version 2 software – launched at Prolight+Sound in March – include individual channel section isolation and global automation safe in the console snapshot automation, as well as snapshot-specific recall filtering. Other unique new features include pre/post VCA aux send options and auto-assign VCA options.

Additional performance enhancements in version 2.1 include remote stagebox auto-detection and real-time diagnostics, with the console automatically displaying connected I/O type and connection status. Additional functionality for the user-assignable keys includes enabling Mute Group buttons to be configured to provide instant access to FX pages or tap-tempo delay programming.

Version 2 software also features increased FX processing with 16 stereo FX processors, running 32/40 bit proprietary algorithms at 96kHz sample rate; each processor has delay, reverb and modulation elements, all of which can be used simultaneously, and which can be configured in a number of serial/parallel modes.

The next upgrade to Version 2 will be the integration of Waves Audio Waves MultiRack SoundGrid, via an optional interface card, enabling the plug-ins to be controlled directly from within the CDC eight’s operating system. Waves plug-ins will be useable simultaneously with the consoles own DSP FX options and the Waves GUI will be displayed on the CDC eight’s touch-screen for viewing and editing.

Version 2 software is multilingual, currently supporting Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian Spanish and Danish, allowing the user to label the console in their chosen language.


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