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CAD Audio Debuts Second Line Of CADLive Vocal & Instrument Microphones

All incorporate neodymium magnets for demands of live sound applications

CAD Audio is expanding its CADLive line with a number of new vocal and instrument microphones.

The new CADLive D32 is a supercardioid dynamic handheld vocal mic with a proprietary QuietTouch on/off switch, with a neodymium capsule design making it very well suited for live sound applications. The 3-pack D32X3 is outfitted with carry case and mic clips

Also a supercardioid dynamic handheld, the new CADLive D38 is outfitted with a neodymium capsule and is designed to deliver exceptional accuracy in applications ranging from lead vocals to spoken word announcements. The 3-pack D38X3 is outfitted with carry case and mic clips.

The CADLive D89 supercardioid dynamic instrument mic has proprietary PowerGap high-gauss neodymium magnets to help produce a powerful, articulate response. It’s also equipped with a Trueflex diaphragm and is a great choice for miking electric instruments, drums, guitar cabinets, brass and strings.

Also equipped with a Trueflex diaphragm and PowerGap neodymium magnets, the CADLive D90 supercardioid dynamic vocal mic is engineered to produce a powerful, smooth and detailed performance in a variety of high SPL live situations. It comes with a durable, road-ready case for maximum protection on the road.

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