Burl Audio Adds Waves SoundGrid To B80 Mothership

Waves Audio (Booth 6620, Hall A) and Burl Audio have joined forces to include Waves SoundGrid technology to the Burl Audio B80 Mothership.

Rich Williams, president of Burl Audio, comments, “Burl Audio is pleased to announce that we will be offering a new motherboard option for the B80 Mothership that will be Waves SoundGrid-compatible, the BMB4. As audio-over-IP is certainly the way of the future for interconnection between all audio devices, Burl Audio is very excited to adopt this new technology.”

Williams adds, “Out of all of the current competing audio-over-IP standards, Waves has gone the extra mile, developing a standard with the highest channel count per connection and with the lowest latency, utilizing an ordinary gigabit Ethernet connection. A number of high-ranking audio companies, such as DiGiCo and Yamaha, have adopted the Waves SoundGrid technology, and now the renowned Burl Audio B80 Mothership will be compatible with those systems.”

Mick Olesh, Waves EVP of sales & marketing, comments, “We are delighted to offer Waves SoundGrid technology and the use of Waves plugins to Burl Audio’s B80 Mothership, thus augmenting the capabilities of the B80 Mothership and substantially increasing its ability to network easily.”

Waves Audio
Burl Audio

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