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Buckcherry Guitarist Stevie D. Currently Touring With Lectrosonic IS400 Wireless Instrument Systems

“Stevie's been using Lectrosonics for over two years and the system really complements his style of playing." - Guitar Technician Dean Mitchell

Buckcherry, the Los Angeles-based hard rock band with a 2006 RIAA platinum, Grammy-nominated album entitled 15, is touring the U.S. and Europe in support of its latest album Black Butterfly, with one of the band’s guitarists, Stevie D., utilizing dual Lectrosonics IS400 wireless beltpack instrument systems with the company’s Digital Hybrid Wireless technology. .

Guitar Technician Dean Mitchell, who over the years has worked with artists such as Cheap Trick, Night Ranger, The Doobie Brothers, and Ted Nugent, manages a wireless setup for Stevie D. that consists of the two Lectrosonics IS400 receivers mounted into a single 19-inch rackspace, two Lectrosonics LMa beltpack transmitters, and multiple Lectrosonics MI39ARA cables specially equipped with Neutrik right angle NP2RX-AU-Silent plugs.

“Stevie switches guitars numerous times throughout the course of a performance,” notes Mitchell, “so by having him setup with two systems, I can alternate between them seamlessly. It makes for an absolutely trouble-free approach to wireless guitar.”

“Stevie’s been using Lectrosonics for over two years and the system really complements his style of playing. He’s got it—he’s a pure rock and blues player and he’ll be around for a long time,” adds Mitchell. “When I joined the tour, I was really impressed with Lectrosonics’ sound quality, the rock solid coverage and reliability, as well as the rugged build quality of the products and because of this; I wanted to get a second system so I could run them both at the same time. In the world of wireless equipment, a tech like myself lives and dies by the performance of the wireless setup, and in the world of wireless gear, Lectrosonics nails it.”

“The IS400’s sound quality is really musical,” says Mitchell. “The Lectrosonics’ frequency response is great and the gear doesn’t color Stevie’s sound the way other wireless systems with compandors do. I’ve also been very impressed with the ease of identifying and locking down open frequencies. The system gives you a warning when you’re in range of other interfering radio frequencies, so at the touch of a single button, the system scans for available frequencies and when it finds it, another press locks it in and you’re done.”

“To be honest,” says Mitchell, “I really haven’t had any issues with our Lectrosonics equipment, so I rarely have reason to call the company. I called recently when we were in nearby Santa Fe because I wanted to tell them how much we like the IS400 and invite them to come to the show. Karl Winkler got back to me right away and visited with us.”

As they prepare to depart for Europe, where the band will spend the month of June performing in Nurnberg, Germany, Copenhagen, Denmark, Rotterdam, Netherlands, London, England, and Clisson, France as well as other cities, both Stevie D. and Dean Mitchell know they can depend on their Lectrosonics gear to get the job done. Stevie D. concludes, “I love this wireless setup and my tech. Just try to pry them from my hands. They both make my life on the road great.”

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