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Britannia Row Purchases Third Midas XL8 As Double System Heads Out With Depeche Mode

By October '09, company's first Midas XL8 will have been with Oasis tour for monitors for nearly 15 months

Britannia Row Productions has purchased a third Midas XL8 Live Performance System, a move that comes as one of the company’s systems continues its world tour with Oasis while two more XL8’s are specified for the Depeche Mode Tour of the Universe, which begins in Israel this month.

“Oasis went into rehearsals for their world tour last summer and will have had a Midas XL8 out on tour on monitors for nearly 15 months by the time they finish in October 2009,” says Britannia Row’s Mike Lowe. “That console, specified by their monitor engineer Nahuel Gutierrez, is now on the South American leg of the tour.

“Another Midas XL8 went into in SIR studios in New York with engineer Sarne Thorogood for Depeche Mode monitor rehearsals,” Lowe continues. “Anthony King, the band’s front of house engineer, also specified a Midas XL8, and as the Depeche Mode World tour will go into 2010, we purchased our third XL8.

“After a warm-up show in Los Angeles, more band rehearsals in London and production rehearsals in Luxembourg, both consoles ship to Tel Aviv for the first concert of the world tour on the 10th of May.”

In addition to the three XL8s, Britannia Row also owns six Midas PRO6 Live Audio Systems.

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