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Bringing the Band Together Around the Manley CORE (Video)

Manley Labs' CORE provides great sounding front end recording in the recording chain.

Recording tracks remotely has long since ceased to be a novelty, with the old studio quip about someone “phoning in their part” now a commonplace reality.

In today’s connected digital world, the importance of a great sounding front end recording chain has become more important than ever before. Manley Labs’ CORE has been created for just that purpose.

Recently, a stellar group of musicians came together remotely to illustrate that point. Documented on video, drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Elton John, Bob Seeger) lays down a rock-solid groove at his own Uncommon Studios in North Hollywood, Ca, recording his snare through the new Manley CORE channel strip. The drums are part of a new track, “I’ve Been Waiting All My Life,” composed by bassist/producer James Lomenzo (Megadeth, White Lion).

Guitarist Devon Pangle (Asking Alexandra, John Fogerty) tracks his Les Paul through another CORE at Wood Works Studio in nearby Burbank, with Lomenzo recording his bass through the CORE at his own Monster House Productions Reck Room in Hollywood. Singer Chas West (Bonham, Tribe of Gypsies, Foreigner) cuts a smoking vocal track at Lomenzo’s other Monster House Productions studio in Studio City, also via the Manley CORE. 

The CORE is an innovative channel strip that combines Manley’s greatest hits with fresh technology. Beginning with the same highly acclaimed Class A Preamp circuitry found in the Manley VOXBOX, Dual Mono, and Mono Microphone Preamplifiers, the CORE integrates Manley’s unique compression, limiting, and equalization circuitries into a powerful integrated package that delivers Manley’s inimitable sonic signature, at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Designed for today’s musicians, the CORE’s intuitive yet feature-rich front panel allows you to concentrate on your creativity and performance without being submerged in a sea of knobs and switches. No matter what the source, no matter where you record, the CORE makes it easier than ever to cut a great sounding track.

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