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Bread Of Stone Mixes Recording And Ministry On The Road With Primacoustic

Brothers Ben and Bill Kristijanto -- one half of Christian rock band Bread of Stone and owners of BNY Production -- worked with Primacoustic to convert portions of their tour bus into a mobile studio.

Brothers Ben and Bill Kristijanto make up one half of Christian rock band Bread of Stone and are also owners of BNY Production, a production house, in their home town of Sioux City, Iowa in 2008.

When they are not working offering fully packaged tour support as part of BNY Production, Bread of Stones is on tour. The heavy touring schedule—100-150 shows a year—could have created a problem for this ambitious band but in early 2013 they began working with Primacoustic to help them turn their time on the road into an opportunity.

Having already converted their home living room into a control room using Primacoustic Max Traps and Nimbus Clouds, Ben and Bill decided to introduce sound control on their tour bus. Ben explains: “We wanted to have a mobile studio that would be adequate for recording song demos. We wanted to make sure that the acoustics of the studio were balanced, in case the demo tracks made it to the final cut.”

“Having a mobile studio helps with being able to work on song ideas during travel days.  It’s also a great place to be isolated from all the distractions of the typical day-to-day activities of being on tour.” 

Jay Porter of Primacoustic explains how this was a less complicated project than most people would think: “With the walls at odd angles and most of the busses absorptive furniture still in place, the room was already a decent listening environment. I suggested that they install 3-inch thick Broadway panels on all available wall surfaces and above the mix position to eliminate primary reflections.

“I also recommended installing a bass trap for low frequency control, but really didn’t think it would be possible with such little space available. It was only when I saw the photos that I realized they had pulled it off, with a MaxTrap mounted on the upper wall in front of the mix position.”

Through BNY Production Ben and Bill had experience with different acoustic treatment products but have been sold on Primacoustic for the simple fact that it outperformed other products.

“We like how easy it was to assemble and implement the products, but the main selling point was the result.  We noticed that even though there was a lot of absorption in the mid to higher frequencies, the room stayed pretty neutral in how it sounded acoustically.  It was less muddy sounding than the foam type of absorbers.”

On top of their business and tour schedule, Ben and Bill have a ministry in Indonesia called ‘The Light Project’. Their work on the ground is supplemented by a financial contribution from the band’s merchandise sales.

“It’s all by the grace of God that everything works together.  We never thought that it would turn out to be anything near what it is now.  Our main priority in the way we run our business is relationships.  We do not treat our clients as just another number in the system, but rather as friends.  There is a lot of hard work that is put into all of this, but when you do it out of love, work becomes a labor of love.”


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