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Bounce! Trampoline Sports Equipped With Ashly Audio

Metro Sound Pros outfits new Danbury, Connecticut location's 40,000 square-foot space with ne8250 and KLR-3200 amplification.

Bounce! Trampoline Sports is a new concept in family recreation, fitness, and fun, and franchises are opening up around the country. The basic recipe is similar for all of them: a generous helping of trampolines and inflatable slides, gauntlets, and other climbables, spiced with black lights, ball pits, dodge ball, basketball, and parental retreats.

The new Danbury, Connecticut Bounce! location sought to make its new 40,000 square-foot space the most extreme experience possible. It includes a new sound system based on Ashly Audio‘s ne8250 and KLR-3200 amplification that approaches “club level” volumes for weekend night “Bounce and Glow” black light adult events.

“The owner went BIG. He really wanted his location to stand out in the Bounce! franchise,” explains Leo Garrison, senior designer at Metro Sound Pros of Washingtonville, New York, the A/V integration firm hired to design and install audio, video, lighting, cameras, POS, phones, Wi-Fi, and more.

“The space itself is huge, and he built into its five VIP rooms, each with their own audio sources and volume controls. On top of that, the vertical nature of the bounce equipment meant that people would be at a range of distances from the ceiling-mounted loudspeakers. It all added up to a lot of zones, each with its own output conditioning and volume and capable of some pretty serious SPLs.”

Garrison used two eight-channel Ashly ne8250 network amplifiers, which deliver 250W per channel. Their combined sixteen channels in just four rack spaces power most of the Penton JD-40 and JD-40XT loudspeakers in the Danbury Bounce!

In addition, one Ashly KLR-3200 dual-channel amplifier powers a pair of JBL MP418 subwoofers with 1600 watts each. A second Ashly KLR-3200 powers a handful of mission-critical Penton loudspeakers.

“The ability to get that many channels with that much power in just eight rack spaces made Ashly the right choice for Bounce!” says Garrison. “In addition, the pricing was great and their efficiency will help Bounce! out in the long run. We had zero issues with this install, but Ashly’s support is always excellent when we need it.”

Inputs to the system include several cable boxes, each with its own audio feed, satellite radio, two wireless microphones for events, a paging microphone that ducks the program material, output from a video matrix, and two CPUs that are mainly used for silent digital signage but that can be tapped for PowerPoint presentation audio or Internet audio sources. A Symetrix Radius DSP with additional input and output modules provides input conditioning, routing logic, and loudspeaker EQ, delay and alignment.

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