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Bose Professional Videobar VB1 USB devices have been implemented to enhance hybrid learning at the University of Chile.

Bose Videobar VB1 Conferencing Devices Foster Hybrid Learning At University Of Chile

More than 100 devices offering six beam-steering microphones joined by 4K cameras deployed by integrator Tecnomove in several classrooms on the campus in Santiago.

More than 100 Bose Professional Videobar VB1 USB devices have been implemented to provide enhanced classroom capabilites at the University of Chile in Santiago, with six automatic beam-steering microphones actively focusing on voices in the rooms and rejecting ambient noise to foster a more natural, collaborative environment.

In addition, the 4K camera included in each VB1 offers an auto-framing Group Mode designed to provide clear video so remote students can better see and understand group conversations, whiteboards,
flipcharts and other in-room objects.

The hybrid learning approach was designed by Chilean technology integrator Tecnomove. Some of the classrooms have a Bose VB1 device mounted on a mobile cart with a flatscreen display to provide professors added flexibility to adapt to the dynamics of each class.

A Kaptivo camera has also been integrated into some of the rooms positioned to simultaneously capture the class, with a Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub to initiate and control each class session.

“Hybrid classrooms are accelerating the technology adoption rate by professors,” says Dario Riquelme Zornow, project manager at the University of Chile’s Online Education Office. “Many are so motivated that they’re already exploring new teaching methods and seeing new opportunities to make their courses more attractive and engaging.”

“Tecnomove was able to accommodate the versatility required by the online education team, addressing their needs even as they evolved as the project progressed,” adds Carol Noches, sales manager at Tecnomove. “The impact of the Bose Professional solution goes beyond simple technology — we know we’re contributing to the education of young people in our country.”

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