Bose RoomMatch Gives Knoxville’s New Calvary Chapel A Great-Sounding Start

Church leadership became aware of RoomMatch array module loudspeakers at the 2012 WFX show

Calvary Chapel spent its first 16 years of operating out of a low-slung building in a shopping center in Knoxville, TN. But as its congregation doubled in size and then doubled again, church leadership was preparing for the day it would build its own building on its own land.

After a decade and a half of saving towards that goal, Calvary Chapel recently opened its new 22,000-square-foot, 800-seat church on 43 acres, with the sound system headed by RoomMatch loudspeakers from Bose Professional.

Knoxville-based design and installation firm DFA Solutions installed a left-right mono system consisting of two RM2020 modules topped with an RM9010 module on either side of the stage. The entire system is powered by three Bose PowerMatch PM8500N networkable power amplifiers.

“The church’s leaders have been good stewards of the congregation’s finances, which is what enabled them to save up to buy the land for the new church, so they naturally wanted to be cautious about choosing the first sound system for the new sanctuary,” explains Jay Bodiford, design manager and sales engineer for DFA Solutions.

Church leaders had done their research and had two manufacturers’ systems in mind to look at when they attended the September 2012 WFX show in Atlanta.

Bodiford, who had specified and installed RoomMatch systems in other area churches, including First Baptist Church of Sevierville and Church Street United Methodist in Knoxville, suggested that they also give the RoomMatch system a listen. They did, and returned to Knoxville with a plan for a Bose system and a plan from another manufacturer for comparison.

“When we compared the two plans side by side, it was clear that the Bose RoomMatch system would give them the audio they were looking for at a far better value,” adds Bodiford. “There was a significant savings on the cost of the system for the same amount of horsepower and what I believe is better sound quality.

“The system went in easily and required very little tuning. I cannot think of a better way for this church building to start off than with this Bose RoomMatch system.”

Bose Professional

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